I dunno some shit about feelings

I’m sorry I’ve been so cold these last couple of months. That’s what I would say, if it wasn’t against my principles to apologise. Apologizing has been politicised, and therefore cannot be done between equals. Maybe it never could, but it has now, at least, been made explicit.

How to express apology, without apologizing? I claim no mistake, I claim no responsibility. It is in my interest that you see me, that you understand me. I feel that between friends, true friends, there is no need for apology; to apologise would be to affirm hierarchy between us, even if just…

Dating App “just the tip”s & tricks

1. How to get a GF that’s 7 years younger than you, who is still young and sexy and not all busted up like women your own age

It’s happened. I’ve become one of those guys. I’m 30 years old and dating a 23 year old. I “met” her on tinder. Not even on “a dating app”, but the worst one. A female acquaintance (28) asked me if “she could see” who I was talking to, and first, I said no. “Why not?” Because you’ll think poorly of me.

Then I caved in, showed her my phone. She swallowed, blood drained from her face. She changed the subject to her own love life and the “personal trainer” she’s fucking, indirectly mentioning how much more built than me he…

The radical centrist perspective on the curious case of Kyle Rittenhouse

When did I last write a medium article? Never. When will I next write a medium article? Never.

Pre-Party Politics

Recently a young man named Kyle Rittenhouse shot 3 people, killing two of them. It’s the newest episode of social media happening, you’ve probably seen it. The event appears to solidify the “civil war” that’s been “brewing” for the last 4 years in the United States. Me, I think the die was cast on that with James Fields. It never mattered whether he was truly trying to kill people with his car, or was a tragic victim of circumstance; in politics, innocence or guilt does not matter. The only thing that matters in politics, is First Blood. You can’t put…

If I hear one more person use the phrase “in these times of corona-virus” I am going to kill myself

It’s cloudy today. We’ve had a very nice spring, yesterday the weather was wonderful. We have a lot of wonderful days; completely open, light blue sky, a gentle wind, so long as you’re in the sun it’s just barely warm enough to go topless, and you get a small little wicked thrill every time a small cloud or a gust of wind passes by, stiffening up your nipples, suddenly vulnerable, suddenly small, suddenly self aware. Oh God what am I doing. I’m a poser. It’s way too cold for this. Everyone else is still wearing winter clothes. …

The death of death is over; death lives! Rejoice!

pretty self explanatory

I die. I fall over in my chair. People react instantly. That’s not me putting on airs, there’s just a sense in human beings when shit is “real”. You get a little kick of adrenaline, before you even know why. The thing about people falling over and everyone thinking it’s just them being clumsy, or doing some kind of bit, only happens in fantasy and literature. In the real world, death has a presence.

I had a great-great-uncle, or something, I forget the relation. Old guy. He was at a nieces wedding, and was outraged that the bride and groom…

The Dream of the Global Village and the Duty of Genius

Donato Creti, Astronomical Observations: Mercury

It’s just, you know, you have your whole thing, I said. You have your job, your education, your girlfriend, your house. You have shit. I don’t have shit. I failed university twice, I’ve just lost the only job I’ve had for more than 6 months in my entire adult life, and it turns out I carried water for a guy who fucked all of us. I broke up with F, and I’m never going to get a girlfriend again. I’m too old. I’m 25, and I don’t drink. I’m never going to get a girlfriend again, because I’m a fucking…

Adapting to a brave new world, with just a handful of men. We’ll start all over again

maybe from the madness something beautiful will grow

She doesn’t love me. How could she. How could I have thought she could. I’m a fucking idiot.

It’s not fun any more. The fantasy that ennobled me and drove me to rise above my terrible habits is ruined.

She likes me, of course she does — but not quite enough. I’m not boyfriend material — I am lover material. I’m the weirdo freak she wants to impregnate her, while she gets some normal guy with a job to raise it. My son. Randy junior.

Woulda coulda shoulda. What did I do wrong. How did I miss the chance, when…

Americans are not “too racist” to appreciate Parasite. They are not racist ENOUGH. This is why China will win

tfw no con artist sociopath gf

“Parasite” by Bong Joon-Ho is a good movie. This is understandable, as he has only made good and great movies respectively, one of which is currently coming true. Americans are sadly too stupid to understand it, and in regards to it winning some prise or another? This is pure posturing, an attempt to save face. Emperors new clothes sort of deal.

It is impossible to understand by the American, because when they attempt to understand it, they can only try to understand it as if it was an American movie. They cannot approach it as being truly alien and oriental…

The perfect metaphor works both ways

Maybe 6 years ago or something, I told the joke the first time. “I got sober without having to find God. And honestly, I feel like I got jibbed”. The year before that, I told no one but myself: “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, I have to fucking just stay not drinking without getting religious. I can’t do it. I can’t be that. I don’t want to be one of THOSE GUYS”. I don’t want to be a stereotype. I don’t want to be a hero with a thousand faces.

I don’t count the days. I have a bad sense of…

American politics are not politics. American politics is wrestling.

this is what he was wearing. he kept telling me: “I asked for it”

American politics, for lack of a better term , is not politics — but we need a better term, desperately, because not having one is driving you all insane. The modern understanding of democracy is, in the first place, designed to accomplish as little as possible and grind politics to a standstill. Based on the idea that all governments have historically failed at something important and that we grew to distrust the very notion of leadership, we designed a government to do as little effective political work as possible, so as to minimise the amount of failure. …


Hello. Good luck.

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