An Introduction To, How to Stop Hurting Yourself by Jerking Off With an Electric Cattle Prod

A preparatory history and epistemology, as groundwork for a re-establishment of a human culture



The Dark Age

We are currently in a “dark age” historically. An age where technology and technique is lost because it is not transmitted intergenerationally. The information age is a dark age, the kind of thing you’re told the middle ages was. It is up for argument whether this to some degree is enforced top down and deliberately encouraged by the engineers of our technological-social sphere. I believe it is — to some degree. But to say anything specific about it is almost impossible, from the fact that we can barely communicate in the first place.

Aqueducts, how do they work. The internet is a series of tubes.

On a micro-level, the skill refers to interfacing with computers. On a macro-level it has roots all the way down to basic human social behaviour — interfacing with other human beings. Interfacing with minds. The computers themselves are already an attempt to reverse engineer this lost technology, and over-reliance on it only exacerbates the core problem.

[Inter — face], face to face — looking in the eye. How many millions of self help books about basic social behaviour are being WRITTEN every year? The liberal world is a world of liberals; of the atomized, singular individual. Sadly no one ever asked him if he wanted to be one, and it’s all he’s ever known, so he thinks this is all life is — if someone asked him, he wouldn’t be able…