Dating Advice for the modern Serial Killer

Dating App “just the tip”s & tricks

16 min readJan 20, 2021

1. How to get a GF that’s 7 years younger than you, who is still young and sexy and not all busted up like women your own age

It’s happened. I’ve become one of those guys. I’m 30 years old and dating a 23 year old. I “met” her on tinder. Not even on “a dating app”, but the worst one. A female acquaintance (28) asked me if “she could see” who I was talking to, and first, I said no. “Why not?” Because you’ll think poorly of me.

Then I caved in, showed her my phone. She swallowed, blood drained from her face. She changed the subject to her own love life and the “personal trainer” she’s fucking, indirectly mentioning how much more built than me he is, to hurt me in the way I had just hurt her. When she saw her picture, and her age, that’s when I knew. I’m going to have to buy a gun. I’m going to have to protect myself.

Dating advice 1: Every girl is the last chance you’ll ever have to be happy. It’s not internet meme shit about getting “too involved” and thinking she’s “the one”. “The One” is a marketing strategy to sell women’s magazines. “Oneitis” is likewise a marketing strategy to sell men’s blogs. Both are nonsense. “The One” is a science fiction/kung fu movie starring Jet Li, about killing yourself over and over until the multiple-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics makes you God.