How to find God §1–9

10 min readAug 1, 2021


§1 The order of operations is arbitrary.

This is not an argument. It is not a formula. Every point relates to every other point. It is not a line, but a picture.

§2 Approach everything about religion as if you were learning a foreign language

If you are monolingual, start by learning a second language. Not fluently, just the absolute basics of learning a foreign grammar should do it. The experience of saying a sentence to a native speaker of the language. Then, approach everything as if you were learning a foreign language.

Example: You do not understand what the word “God” means. You might think you know what it means: A bearded man in the sky, a giant humanoid of some kind, a Zeus figure that is inherently impotent and comical. A picture of some kind springs to mind when you see, hear, or use the word “God”. Some cartoon from a newspaper you saw when you were 5 years old. Illustrations from a “children’s bible”.

Your unarticulated process regarding faith and divinity is something like this: your first exposure to the word “GOD” was a cartoon drawing in a newspaper satire cartoon, or even worse yet, a tv cartoon. You’ve never really thought about it, but this picture is what you assume “Christian” people you meet, or hear about, or see on television, or see or read about on the internet, believe in. Because a) you’ve never really thought about it, b) because you think in pictures and c) because you don’t have a better picture of it.