How to find God §10–16



§10 Historical transmitted truth

There is a living record, a direct line of generationally transmitted Truth, but, in the case that there was not — if in some thought experiment of a man in a perfect historical vacuum, or even if the record was lost, it would be entirely possible to reinvent it using only mans capacity for reason and intuition. IF there was no record and Tradition was lost, it could be recreated through pure logic and intuition.

All of Tradition/God/Truth is contained within each human heart, like the entire genetic structure of your body is contained within each cell.

If every holy book and every written record was destroyed and wiped from human memory, any one single man could rewrite all of it the next morning ( §6).

But luckily for us we don’t need to do all that, because there is a written record, that we can read humbly and carefully, and trying to understand what they mean when they say “God” ( §2).

§11 Prayer is not “asking for gifts”, it is “offering yourself”

§12 Forgiveness of trespasses against you is a literal miracle that breaks the laws of physics

Laws of physics are derivative of a rational worldview, it treats “the world” as a rational, logical machine, and a closed loop. In this, the notion of forgiveness is nonsensical: A man trespasses against you, that is, he does, or intends you, harm. In a closed material loop, in a logically optimising evolutionary survival based world view, you either a) overpower him and prevent it from happening again by some kind of force or b) deem that he is no threat to you. Every other possibility is irrational, sub-optimal, and not logically optimising for survival.

§13 Atheism is not something you have reasoned yourself into and it is not something you will reason yourself out of

Atheism is a “lack of belief” in God. A “lack”. It is keenly felt exactly as this, a separation, not a choice. It is felt as a lacking, like something is missing. You can be stoic about it and pretend to be an atheistic absurdist existentialist, or you can be a grown up.