I have started a substack account blog newsletter email list scam

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I make your brain feel good by read word, I write good blog for u, I blog you long time. Subby subby 5 dollar. Paying me gives you power over me as we enter into a whore-John relationship. What I write hurts you emotionally and paying me for it stabilizes our relationship as dominatrix-gimp. Who’s who? Whatever you want baby. Put the money on the table.

for now I’m going for a “time enough at last” theme because my feelings are a little hurt

Stay up-to-date

An aspect of modernity and living within late industrial society is a temporal circumcision, a phenomenological divorce from the World. Technological Alienation, “over-socialisation”, these are all man’s separation from his own sense of being-in-history. Practically this manifests itself as a sense of living “out-of-time” in a perpetual circular Present, with no past and no future. Something which Buddhist language has been brutally butchered and co-opted to create “western” new age “spirituality” lingo, and the idea of “living in the moment”, being “present” — “mindfulness”. This is a horrendously evil manipulation that sells you the poison that is killing you, selling your own alienated back to you at a mark-up. Stay up to date, the machine tells you, and the implication is, [Or Else]. Stay Perfectly actualised, stay perfectly engaged, stay online, keep clicking, keep scrolling, watch the next thing. Stay. Don’t leave. Stay here. it’s safe here. Stay. Stay. Stay. Stay up to date. Don’t move a muscle. Or else.

Join the crew

Be part of a community of people who share your interests. This is extremely important. Not “interests” in the sense of “what movies you like” or “what [products] you like to consume”, but interests in the sense of economic and social interests. Your family, your friends, your neighbours, your countrymen; these are all people who “share your [economical] [social] interests” — people you have a common practical goal with.

Then once you’re done with that for the day, consider talking to complete strangers you have nothing in common with, except you both think I’m cool. It’s not all business all the time. You can have a little relax now and then. Honestly I don’t really care, I just want the money.

In much the same way as the other thing, technology here co-opts language to sell your alienation back to you, distancing yourself from your natural community while providing a synthetic substitute, of belonging to a [brand] community.

Ironically the end of my twitter career was critiquing bad graphic design



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