Meta-History and “Culture War” language games

5 min readJul 27, 2021

History will be written by the victors no longer. History will in fact not be written — it will be compiled, automatically. We are now firmly within meta-history. What does this mean?

It means that when you are having an internet fight over politics — questions of value and morality, or even of economics, whenever you are saying anything at all — “history” is not “written” by “whoever won the argument”. “History”, from now on, is which words you will write into a search engine to find the story later.

Example. James Damore. A limpwristed autistic nerd cumbrain who wrote a long autismo text deconstructing the formal claims of the intentionally irrational and ad-hoc mainstream beliefs google now requires you to claim allegiance to, in a naive, idiotic attempt to make sense of it all. He was literally, formally, objectively correct and spoke plainly and clearly. I’ve read his fucking stupid memo. It’s like, baby logic. Extremely simple, extremely stupid. But technically correct and logically sound. Giving him a grade in formal logic, he passes. it’s coherent and logically consistent.

But just now, when I couldn’t remember what his name was, because I wanted to write it into this article, the way I looked it up was by typing “google sexist memo controversy” into a search engine.

Do you understand? Do you see?

James Damore won the argument. Objectively. I am literally a logician. I have papers, credentials. A university of big brained nerds have all agreed that I am good at logic. Formal logic AND Philosophical Logic, I’ll have you know. Yeah I read Kripke, I’m a pretty cool guy actually.

Anyways, as I have logically proven, I can academically vouch for him. I’m literally an expert on who’s right. James Damore won the argument. But I am the last person in the world who will ever remember that. History will remember him as [google(company)] [sexism] [sexist memo] [feminism] [Jordan Peterson] [alt-right].

This is what I mean when I say, “They Don’t Want To Win, They just want you to Play Their Game”.

The “culture war” is not about winning the arguments, it’s about deciding the terms of engagement. Here the word “terms”…