Money is now available to give me

4 min readJun 10, 2021


I’m not gonna make a cool “well I didn’t want to tweet anyways” sour grapes speech and I’m not gonna give you a sales pitch. I’m just gonna shake my begging-can at you, and at our many mutual acquaintances.

Please give me money for writing about whatever shit I’m on about at any given time. The same stuff that I would write schizothreads on twitter about. I am going to write them and post them either way. Everything is free and nothing is paywalled. Please give me money anyway.

There’s not going to be an increase in quality or research or presentation. The format itself changes things, that’s unavoidable and neither good nor bad. I don’t think so at least. The most notable difference being, more long-form structured thought, and less pointless vulgarity. Less puns and bad jokes. Although maybe I should write them down a make a weekly collection or something.

Quantity though, probably a whole lot. Frankly, I crave posting real bad.

I am never going to run out of subjects, because *I* am the problem, not the world. The spice will flow until the day I die. It’s a temperamental thing that’s a core aspect of my personality now, that will never, ever heal. I literally think these things all day.

Generally speaking: short stories, essays on various subjects I happen to think about, gradually collecting all my armchair psychology talking points and theories from over the years into a more coherent and navigable format. History ideology psychology philosophy — together, we can end it all forever.

Please shill my content to your many thousands of followers and join together with roughly a thousand guys to pay me autism-bucks. Please overtly endorse the product and advertise for me. I’d do it myself, but, you know. I got banned for posting a picture that was in a mainstream newspaper 4 years ago, which is now verboten and I can’t even write the term for my alleged offence (e-speech whilst wearing a hat) without it getting picked up by a robot and put in my case file. Fun times.