Video Game Review: The Presidency of Donald Trump 2017–2021

Video game reviews for the New Millennium



As I have previously stated, the time has come for us all to start taking this stuff seriously. Nihilism is taking life literally, but not seriously. Faith is taking it seriously, not literally. God is, structurally, a joke. It’s time to grow up. It’s time ascend to the next level. Making Anime Real is going to have to wait. First, we have to make video games real. First, we have to make video game reviews real.


In 2016 I was convinced The Presidency of Donald Trump 2016–2021 would never be released. I assumed it was Star Citizen 2, failware and pure marketing that would never be finished. A financial scam, but like Star Citizen, kind of interesting to watch unfold. I awoke that November morning to mild shock — they actually put out a game. There had been no gameplay reveals, only pre-rendered cutscenes and big promises, and then suddenly out of nowhere, bam, released a full game.

I only logged in to the game some months later, in 2017. Instantly I realised that I had missed a lot of drama and community lore that had developed over the open beta through 2015–16. Despite this, I made grandiose claims, to the extremely busty african-american girl studying abroad, who I was trying to fuck at the time (we’re talking, G cups), and I said something like, “I don’t think it’s going to be that abnormal — it’s an indie production, sure, but it’s deliberately trying to succeed in AAA development, and fit in. I don’t think it’s as much a break with format as it is just a fluke, that will be integrated into the industry and bought out”. I think in some ways I was right, and in in other’s I was way off. But I really wanted to fuck her, so I played it off as if I was cocksure about it.

Story and world-building

The way the story is told in the Presidency of Donald Trump 2017–2021 takes a lot of inspiration from eastern games, especially the Fromsoft’s Souls game series, or in the western video game tradition, in traditional RPG’s, where the…