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1. Dunbar’s number

How many different faces can you imagine at one time? Imagine one face. You can visualize it in great detail. Now imagine two faces, side by side. The level of detail suffers, the individual picture is less precise. Imagine 10 faces, imagine 100, imagine 40.000. At what point — at what number, does the faces cease to be faces and revert into symbols? At what point do the individual faces cease to be “individuals” and become an abstraction, a number to be counted?


In the Serial Killer article, as well as many others, I have used the term “returning to the scene of the crime”, as a metaphor for a kind of physical and psychological behaviour. Here I would like to clarify exactly what I mean by this, and doing so in the most efficient and precise way possible: By telling three stories that function on a sort of vague ethereal Jungian common-unconscious meta-level. That just so happens to also be literally true factual case studies, satisfying the demands of material science.

§10 Historical transmitted truth

There is a living record, a direct line of generationally transmitted Truth, but, in the case that there was not — if in some thought experiment of a man in a perfect historical vacuum, or even if the record was lost, it would be entirely possible to reinvent it using only mans capacity for reason and intuition. IF there was no record and Tradition was lost, it could be recreated through pure logic and intuition.

§1 The order of operations is arbitrary.

This is not an argument. It is not a formula. Every point relates to every other point. It is not a line, but a picture.

§2 Approach everything about religion as if you were learning a foreign language

If you are monolingual, start by learning a second language. Not fluently, just the absolute basics of learning a foreign grammar should do it. The experience of saying a sentence to a native speaker of the language. Then, approach everything as if you were learning a foreign language.

A guide to making your dreams come true

Why I have no friends

Your son is going to join the military for the Pussy

War has Changed

Recent changes in the recruitment approach from military institutions and “intelligence agencies” have caused much clickbait. Case in point, starting out writing this, and wanting to find the CIA recruitment add I wanted to reference in the intro as an excuse to talk about what I want to talk about, I searched a search engine for the terms “woke cia ad”.


Hello. Good luck.

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